How to Spot and Get Rid of Army Worms in Arkansas

The dreaded infestation of the armyworm has arrived. Every year these pests eat our lawn and our trees. They are a green striped caterpillar. The armyworm gets its name because they travel in massive armies, eating everything in their path. They can destroy a lawn in a single day.

Management: What to Look for and what to do

  1. They feed mostly at night but are still very active during the day. Watch for brown spots in your lawn, an increase in bird activity around your property is a sure signal.
  2. Scout your neighbor’s properties around you. If you see their lawns are brown check them out as they are heading your way.
  3. Keep your grass trimmed short at this time of year. They are looking for the taller grass and the short tight yards are not as inviting to them.
  4. Water your lawn regularly. They prefer a dry long lawn rather than a short wet lawn.
  5. Use of insecticide will kill them once you see them. Back pack or pump up sprayer of many different insecticides will work just fine. Any Spinosad or permethrin are good. I like Malathion but many different ones will work. Do not use a granulated as it is to slow and army worms will have destroyed and left by time the granulated works.
  6. Spray the immediately when you see them. Don’t wait until the next day. You might wake up to no grass at all. Try not mowing for 2-3 days after you spray so as to make sure you have killed them all.

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